Select publications 

High-dimensional phenotyping to define the genetic basis of cellular morphology.

Tegtmeyer M#, Arora J#, Asgari S#, Cimini B, Peirent E, Liyanage D, Way G, Weisbart E, Nathan A, Amariuta T, Eggan K, Haghighi M, McCarroll SA, Carpenter AE, Singh S*, Nehme R*, Raychaudhuri S*. bioRxiv 2023 and Nat Commun, in press

Astrocyte expressed synaptic cell adhesion genes promote synaptic programs in cocultured neurons and suggest a role for glia-neuron interactions in schizophrenia. 

Pietilainen O, Trehan, A, Valakh V, Tegtmeyer M, Mitchell J, Meyer D, Gebre H, Chen T, Farhi SL, Eggan K, McCarroll SA, Nehme R. Cell Rep. 2023. PMID: 36640364. 

Robust induction of functional astrocytes using NGN2 expression in human pluripotent stem cells. 

Berryer MH#, Tegtmeyer M#, Binan L, Valakh V, Nathanson A, Trendafilova D, Crouse E, Klein J, Meyer D, Pietiläinen O, Rapino F, Farhi SL, Rubin LL, McCarroll SA, Nehme R*, Barrett LE*. iScience. 2023. 

Greater ancestral diversity is needed in human pluripotent stem cell models. 

Ghosh S*, Nehme R*, Barrett L*. Nat Commun. 2022. PMID: 36435871; PMCID: PMC9701202. 

Leveraging the genetic diversity of human stem cells in therapeutic approaches. Journal of Molecular Biology. 

Tegtmeyer M and Nehme R. J Mol Biol. 2021. Aug 30;167221. PMID: 34474087 

The 22q11.2 region regulates presynaptic gene-products linked to schizophrenia. 

Nehme R#*, Pietilainen, O#*, Artomov, M,  Tegtmeyer, M, Bell, C, Ganna, A, Singh, T, Trehan, A, Valakh V, Sherwood, J, Manning, D, Peirent, E, Malik, R, Guss, E, Hawes, D, Beccard, A, Bara, M, Hazelbaker, D, Zuccaro, E, Genovese, G, Loboda, AA,  Neumann, A, Lilliehook, C, Kuismin, O, Hamalainen, E, Kurki, M, Hultman, C, Kahler, Paulo JA, Madison, J, Cohen, B, McPhie, D, Adolfsson, R, Perlis, R, Dolmestch, R, Farhi S, McCarroll S, Hyman S, Neale B, Barrett LE, Harper W, Palotie A, Daly M, Eggan K. Nat Commun. 2022. Jun 27;13(1):3690. PMID: 35760976. PMC9237031. 

Using human pluripotent stem cell models to study autism in the era of big data. 

Nehme R and Barrett LE. Mol Autism. 2020.11(1):21. PMID32293529.PMC7087382.

Mapping genetic effects on cellular phenotypes with “cell villages”. 

Mitchell JM, Nemesh J, Ghosh S, Handsaker RE, Mello CJ, Meyer D, Raghunathan K, de Rivera M, Tegtmeyer M, Hawes D, Neumann A, Nehme R, Eggan K, McCarroll SA. bioRxiv and in revision

Efficient generation of lower induced Motor Neurons by coupling Ngn2 expression with developmental cues. 

Limone F, Mitchell JM, Guerra San Juan I, Smith JLM, Raghunathan K, Couto A, Ghosh SA, Meyer D, Mello CJ, Nemesh J, Smith BM, McCarroll S, Pietiläinen O, Nehme R, Eggan K. Cell Rep. 2022 Dec 23;111896. PMID: 36596304

All-optical synaptic electrophysiology probes disinhibitory actions of ketamine, a drug model of schizophrenia. 

Fan LZ, Nehme R, Adam Y, Jeung ES, Wu H, Arnold DB, Eggan K, Cohen A. Nat Methods. 2018. 15(10):823-831. PMID30275587.PMC6204345

Combining NGN2 programming with developmental patterning generates human excitatory neurons with NMDAR-mediated synaptic transmission. 

Nehme R#, Zuccaro E#, Ghosh SD, Li C, Sherwood JL, Pietilainen O, Barrett LE, Limone F, Worringer KA, Kommineni S, Zang Y, Cacchiarelli D, Meissner A, Adolfsson R, Haggarty S, Madison J, Muller M, Arlotta P, Fu Z, Feng G and Eggan K.  Cell Rep. 2018. 23(8):2509-2523. PMID29791859.PMC6003669.